Weekend Hobby

Whenever we’re not busy, we like to go to open houses. One unusually quiet weekend we found 2 open houses we wanted to check out. Two might not sound like alot, but C is only interested in buying a house in a nieghborhood that is 1 square mile. We had originally agreed to look in the tri-city area, but his criteria kept getting more and more stringent until he decided that he only wanted to live in the area he grew up in. But I digress. Both of the houses we looked at were disappointments due to the magic of wide angle lenses and Photoshop.
doesn’t it look like you could fit a pool table and 2 couches in here?
But we weren’t really looking to buy a house, just seeing what was on the market. Not a big deal if we didn’t like them. We don’t even have an agent. Or a pre-approval. Oh well, we decided to go home. We passed another open house sign and decided to stop by. We started chatting with the agent about what we were looking for and he told us about another listing he was showing the next day. Sounded great, but C had to work and I had to go to the BBB. After a few phone calls, the owners graciously allowed us to stop by right then and there. We had no intentions of buying a house when we woke up that day, but owner gave us a personal tour and the house was such a good price and met all of our criteria.
updated kitchen

large living room with hardwood floors

in law house in the back

But we didn’t have an agent. Or a pre-approval! Oh no…

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