House Hunters

Welcome to this edition of House Hunters. Our buyers saw house #1 in the last episode and we’re off to #2 and #3.

We didn’t think it would be smart to buy (or attempt to) the first house we liked. So we kept looking to make sure that was the one we really wanted. Here’s what we found.

#1 A little piece of sunshine (recap)

is the tree generating light?

High end kitchen appliances, huge master bedroom and a permitted studio in the back. How long will this stay on the market?

#2 Diamond in the rough

floral wallpaper *cringe*

there is another garden behind those bushes

The original 1950s owners were putting their well loved home for sale. For over $100k less than the other houses in the neighborhood. It had a lot of “potential”. The bones of the house met our criteria. Three bedroom, 2.5 baths with 2 living areas and a large lot. C had a hard time seeing through vintage decor, but I had a vision for this place. Tear up the carpet to expose the hardwood floors. Knock down a few walls to open it up. Paint the paneled walls. With my determination and C’s muscle, we could do a lot with this house. Can we pull off such a large renovation?

#3 Quiet sleepy ranch

We weren’t impressed with the pictures of this place on Redfin. But we were already out so we decided to take a peek. It was being shown by the same agent as the place we saw the previous week, so we were expecting more Photoshop enhancements. But we were surprised. The house was bigger than it looked in the pictures. The paneling was prettier than expected. And the tile in the kitchen wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be. It was bright and well kept. Huh…we didn’t expect this to be a contender since it was more than we wanted to pay. Would the sellers be willing to negotiate?

Stay tuned to see which (if any) we decide on.

Leave a comment: Which one do you like best? Should we make an offer on any of them?

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One Response to House Hunters

  1. Tyson says:

    I personally think #3 is the best house. If it is larger than it looks in the pictures, it must be pretty big. The interior looks very well kept and nice. It doesn't look as outdated as #2 so there is much less work to be done. Plus the hedges in the backyard look really cool and the funky looking tree in the front is an nice touch. If the price is somewhat reasonable for that house that's the one that I would probably want.

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