House Hunters II

We conclude this edition of House Hunters with the buyer’s decision. Will they choose the diamond in the rough?

more vintage decor

We (meaning me) really wanted this one. BUT…there were several issues. During the open house we saw the roof report which said it needed a new roof ($30k). We completely missed the termite report which showed it had $40k worth of damage. At least another $10k in the little cosmetic upgrades needed to bring it from the 50s to the 90s. $90k sunk and it isn’t even close to our dream house?! Even if we wanted to make this a multi year renovation, we don’t have the capital to make these type of improvements. So we had to say good bye to this diamond in the rough. Programming note: this house was off the market 1 week from the open house.

How about the charming piece of sunshine?

wake up to lots of light

We (meaning C) really wanted this one. There were only minor issues with this place. The family room was converted to the master bedroom, so there was only 1 living area. We planned on converting it back to a living area, but the other bedrooms didn’t have bathrooms inside. And the closets were small with no room to expand. I NEED a walk in closet. Not to mention C need a place to put his stuff too. Not a deal breaker, but it made us think twice.

Can they afford the sleepy ranch?

We sort of liked this one. The kitchen layout wasn’t what we liked. And…that was it. But we didn’t have to have this house like the other places. It didn’t have anything that wowed us. Oh yeah, it was over our budget. Which is probably why we didn’t need it.

Well, the little piece of sunshine was off the market in 1 week so that was out of the question. Which left us with the sleepy ranch. We went back one more time and found that its lack of “personality” is what we needed. It wasn’t overwhelmingly someone else’s taste. And the overall layout was exactly what we were looking for: 3 beds, 2 living areas, 2.5 baths and a very large lot. Bonus: The sellers reduced the asking price and it stayed on the market (a whopping 4 weeks) long enough for us to put in an offer.

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4 Responses to House Hunters II

  1. ap says:

    Blue is certainly a unique color in the neighborhood. You can't miss that house!

  2. Sonia says:

    I like the quite rance…it is blue and blue is my fave color. Oh, and I love the greenery too!

  3. ap says:

    To clarify to anyone who actually reads this, I do not live in Milpitas. I miss LA too.T-thanks for your always insightful and sometimes strange commentary.

  4. Tyson says:

    Wow, the first house went into contract after one week. I guess that goes to show that if a good deal is out there it will go quick, even in this market. But it could also be that the bay area is still hot. The #7 city in the US to be rich and single according to CNN…Milpitas! I'm neither so I guess that is why I miss LA.

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