Layout by the Pool

We can’t wait to move into the house. Minor things (like closing escrow) haven’t stopped us from thinking about where we’re putting our stuff. We tried drawing the layout with pencil and paper, but it was too much work. We found this free site where you can create floor plans and add furniture. I found a new way to waste my time! We have to plan carefully to minimize the times we have to move this:

That’s why we needed all of that space, in case you were wondering why 2 people needed such a big house. (Spoiler alert: No, we’re not expecting to add anyone to our family anytime soon.) Plus we just own a lot of stuff. We combined 2 apartments into a 4 bedroom rental house. And then bought more furniture.
So we’ve been playing around with how to layout the pool table and the rest of the living room furniture. But mainly the pool table since it’s too darn heavy to move around once it’s set up.

like this?

how about this way?

in the other room?

You can even create 3D images of your room!

No, that website did not pay us to say nice things. We just think it’s cool. What do you think? You still have time to vote (we’re still in escrow). Leave a comment.
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2 Responses to Layout by the Pool

  1. Sonia says:

    I vote for the pool table in its own room away from the fireplace. Let the boys play pool and the ladies enjoy hot chocolate in front of the fireplace! The peeps may get hot in front of the fireplace while playing.

  2. Tyson says:

    As a fellow nerd, I will say that the website is really cool and the 3D renderings are awesome! Now you don't need to buy AutoCAD/Visio if you want to design a layout. Also this is a great tool if you need help visualizing how your layout will look in 3D, which is something that would really help me.

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