Felt Up

We have to replace the felt on the pool table since there isn’t enough slack to tighten it up when we reassemble it. Con: Pool felt is expensive. I wonder if I can sew together a few 25 cent felt squares to save money. Pro: I’m not fond of the color so I get to pick a new one. Thank goodness pool felt comes in more than that horrid forest green and wine. Here are a few of my choices:
stormy grey
calm camel
basic black
pretty in pink

C said I could pick any color, but he already vetoed the pink. But I vetoed the felt with a Raiders logo. So we’re even. We’re still deciding on which furniture will go in the pool room. Once we decide, then we can pick the felt color to go with the rest of the room.
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3 Responses to Felt Up

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  3. tiffany says:

    I really liked the pink, i know c will be sm at me for picking that one but it really does pop!

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