Craigslist App

Dear Craigslist Ad Poster,

Please do not use adjective like “beautiful” or “antique” when describing your worn down, cat hair covered, coffee stained arm chair. “Must see” does not mean that I must see the ugly crap you are trying to get rid of. It is NOT ok to use “vintage” to describe your 90s Zac Morris hand me downs. It IS ok to throw your things away. You’ve squeezed the last drop of usefulness out of your stuff. Thank you for wasting my time.


Actual craigslist listing: “‘Vintage/Retro Sturgis Posture Chair/Task Chair/Armless Office Chair’–Armless task chair. The Sturgis Posture Chair made by the Sturgis Posture Chair Co. in Michigan. Is in great condition except the tear on the seat. Rolls very well.”

really? does ‘great’ and ‘tear’ belong in the same sentence?

Tired of clicking on a craigslist post only to find that you’ve been deceived by a dubious craigslister? Well, there’s an app for that. At least on Firefox. I’ve been using CLIP and so far so good. It takes a tad bit longer for the pages to load, but I’m still saving time by not clicking on each ad. Let me know if you use it and how you like it. Happy bargain hunting.

See you Monday. In case you haven’t noticed a pattern, I don’t post on the weekends. You’re too busy to come here anyways, right?

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