Nail, Polish and Paint

So a lovely lady asked me, “What does Nail, Polish and Paint mean?”  Well, I couldn’t tell you before I finished the blog header.  Sorry I made you wait, but I had designer’s block and couldn’t think of anything.  But it came to me and I whipped it up and here it is.  Is it what you thought it would be?

A fanciful fellow inquired, “So you’re going to blog about your new house…and makeup?”  Although I could go on and on about the products I pile on my face, I’ll keep those secrets to myself and share in our trials and triumphs in making a house into a home.  This is our way of sharing our home renovation with our-out-of town family and friends.  And our in-town family and friends whom we never invite over.

So follow along as we fix and build (Nail), clean and restore (Polish) and paint (Paint) our house and all of the stuff that goes in it.

BTW: Can someone sign up for the email subscription on the right?  I want to make sure it works before harassing the rest of you into signing up.  Or don’t forget to bookmark the page.

completely unrelated, but don’t these croissants look yummy?
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