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Growing Garden

One of the great things about buying an older house is the mature landscaping.  We have an orchard in our backyard.  Well, not literally, but we have a lot of fruit trees: tangerines, oranges, white grapefruit, apricots, cherries and figs. … Continue reading

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Hotel: Home Away from Home

My number 1 fan* is going on a business trip for a month.  My unorganized house made me think about all of the things you don’t have when you’re staying at a hotel.   Here are a few tips to … Continue reading

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Finally.  Another post about NPPing (nailing, polishing or painting). I’ve stock piled my supplies for home improvement projects so that any time I decide to stop watching the Jersey Shore, I will be armed and ready.  Side note:  We didn’t … Continue reading

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Getting Our Tubes Tied

C had a minor procedure done to prevent any accidents from occurring. A routine thing that was over within an hour. Probably less than that. A few snips from our plumber and we were good to go. Our plumber did … Continue reading

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If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk, what would they say about the previous owners? They were organized.  There are outlines in the kitchen cabinets for all the pots and small appliances.  And notes for the location of obscure light switches. They … Continue reading

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