A Contact Sport

While C was duking it out with the desk, I was starting my own battle with the contact paper in the kitchen.  It kept attacking me.  Stabbing my nail beds.  It even drew a little blood.  The adhesive on contact paper from back in the day was more like superglue than post-it in strength.

*grrr…not going down without a fight*

With a little elbow grease and 5 hours later, my mom and I were able to finish the job. We’re delighted with the crisp and clean lines with the perfectly lined shelves.  Being perfectionist we (meaning my mom), decided that I would reline one shelf 3 times so I wouldn’t see the uneven edge every time I opened the cabinet.  Here’s how we got the contact paper to snugly fit the shelf/drawer.

1.  Measure the dimensions of the shelf/drawer to be lined
2.  Add 1/4 inch to the length and width
3.  Cut the desired piece of paper using the helpful lines on the back
4.  Align the straight edge (the side you didn’t cut) with the side of the shelf that doesn’t touch the wall
5.  Create a crisp edge with the wall side using something with a flat edge.  I used the flat side of a  scraping tool.  A credit card would probably work too.

6.  Cut along the new flat edge using an x-acto knife.
7.  Slowly peel off the excess contact paper; cutting any parts that are sticking.
8.  Ta-da.  A crisp edge.

BTW, does anyone else take the time to line their kitchens or bathrooms anymore?  Or do people just get new kitchens to get around the problem of the other people’s dirties?

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