Mr. Clean

What do you get when you mix 1 husband and day off with a visit from an appraiser?  TWO clean bathrooms.  Our land lady had an appraiser come over today and C wanted to make the rental house look presentable.  A little tough when we’re in the middle of packing and moving.  Even tougher when I’ve given up on cleaning or putting anything away.  Why bother?  It’s coming out of its hiding spot in a few days anyways.

Anyhoo, I came home to a reasonably straightened up house and two immaculately cleaned and sparkly bathrooms.  If you know me, you know that I have high standards for clean and C exceeded them!  What a great guy.

*mackerel my brother caught at hermosa pier*

You probably don’t want to see a picture of a toilet, no matter how clean it is.  So another random picture today.  And since the response was 50/50 on food or animal pictures, I decided to put up something that could be either.  Enjoy.

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One Response to Mr. Clean

  1. tyson says:

    Very nice, cleaning bathrooms is a pain. Also, those are a lot of fish. When I fished in Hawaii, I would only catch an average of 0.1 fish per outing (this is an approximation). I wonder if I’m doing something wrong…

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