Nail Polish (and Paint?)

I’m think of changing the name of the blog to Nail Polish.  I painted the closets in the 2 small bedrooms and never want to paint again.  I love using spray paint, but painting with rollers and a brush?  No thanks.  It got everywhere.  My hair, hands, clothes, bottoms of my shoes.  Everywhere, but the walls.  I was going to paint the laundry room, but decided to forgo that after this experience.  Was I doing it wrong?  Is this one of things you need to practice to get better at? 

My sister-in-law and I tackled the project, but the space was so tight and we’re so short that we (meaning me) kind of gave up.  We just finished the parts you could see from far away.  Closets have doors and are dark, right?  Thankfully, C and his dad came to our rescue and finished the job.  Well, we did do 90% of the work so there wasn’t much left.

*I know. Closets aren’t exciting.  I know. Bad editing job.*

Woo hoo! One project down, a gazillion left to go. A great thing about this project was the price.  My dad just got our his house painted a few months ago and had leftover supplies.  So he gave everything to me and even delivered it.  Thanks Dad!

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4 Responses to Nail Polish (and Paint?)

  1. suz says:

    those home improvement shows always make it look so easy!

  2. tiffany says:

    Didn’t I tell you painting was a pain in the butt during the dish? I thought I did, and I think you did not believe me. Oh, I did…when I asked you if you were going to hire painters.
    The idea of painting sounds fun…in reality its not. I painted my room beige when I moved to my mom’s house. Then I wanted grey walls, but thinking back to when I first painted my room annoyed me so thats why I still have beige walls. The ceiling is the worst.

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      I was sure I could teach myself how to paint clean and quick. Lesson learned: wear protective head, hand and foot gear. At least the paint didn’t get on the floors.

  3. tyson says:

    Very nice. I hate painting too but for some reason my sister and dad love it. You could hire them as day laborers if you are willing to fly them from Hawaii.

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