Hello Internet

PC? check! Monitor? check! Power? check! Internet?  Internet?  Umm…internet, where are you?  No check.

The nice, friendly, informative folks at Comcast “installed” the internet connection 2 weeks ago.  We told the tech not to leave a modem (which of course they’ll charge us for) connected after he ran “tests” because we owned one.  He insisted that it would be better if he left it hooked up to ensure it would work once we set up our PC.  Turns out that the cable coming out of the wall wasn’t even hooked to the outside box.

Another tech had to come out, crawl under the house and connect the cable to the service box.  Really?  Why are there random cables coming into the house that aren’t connected to anything?

Sorta makes me want to go to DSL.

*no picture.  can’t find the cables to hook up my camera or my external hardrive.  or the other half to my favorite pair of shoes.*

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