Move Over

Moving day was much more successful than expected.  Only one minor spat in the morning when I realized than only 1/2 of the house was packed and we only had 2 “movers” on site.  By 11:30, everything came together and we had our moving crew going.  We had designated packers at one house and un-packers at the other.  We had some people loading the trucks while others drove.  After 6 hours and the yummiest Togo’s I’ve ever eaten, the rental house was (mostly) empty.  We left cleaning supplies and the vacuum to clean it out the next day.

Thanks to our wonderful family who gave up a day to help us move.
Can you believe we moved a 4 bedroom house with these trucks?  Yup, C’s money saving idea.

We had the best night of sleep ever.  Maybe it was because we were finally sleeping in our own home or because we fluffed up our bed or maybe because we were so darn tired.  Now we have to go through the boxes or hide them in the attic.  No big deal, right?

Where’s Waldo A? =)
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One Response to Move Over

  1. Tyson says:

    Congrats on the successful move! Since I had to move quite a few times when I was in LA, I know how stressful it can be and how it can lead to many arguments when people have different ideas on how to move. The last time I moved without movers, people ended up in tears…=P

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