Getting Our Tubes Tied

C had a minor procedure done to prevent any accidents from occurring. A routine thing that was over within an hour. Probably less than that. A few snips from our plumber and we were good to go. Our plumber did what?! He shortened the water hoses to the washing machine.  What did you think I was talking about?

We have the new front loading washer and dryer, but our laundry room is sized for a conventional machine which is about five inches shallower. As a result, we hit the dryer every time we open the side door. We were able to move it back a little and added a stopper so it wouldn’t get the full force of an opening door.

*not sure if that is dirt on the wall or a weird shadow*

Unfortunately, the hoses and spigots behind the washer prevented it from going back any further. So we took advantage of J while he was here to help us with another of our plumbing needs. I was a little weary of C doing the work himself since we had a minor flood when he originally hooked up the washer.

C was originally thinking of cutting a hole in the drywall to push everything back. But the dryer would still stick out because they couldn’t do anything about the venting hoses behind it. So they settled on these 90 degree hose thingies.  Yes, that is its technical name.

*no more rat’s nest*

*can you see me?*

Now both units are flush with each other. Woohoo for symmetry!  Boohoo for the laundry room being functional.  We no longer have a good excuse for the large amounts of dirty laundry we’ve accumulated.

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One Response to Getting Our Tubes Tied

  1. Tyson says:

    Very nice job! The problem with home improvement is that I can tell that I would convince myself a job like this would be really easy but then I probably end up with a disaster.

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