Finally.  Another post about NPPing (nailing, polishing or painting). I’ve stock piled my supplies for home improvement projects so that any time I decide to stop watching the Jersey Shore, I will be armed and ready.  Side note:  We didn’t have cable at the rental house and now I’m catching up on all of the trashy reality shows.  The reward for completing this project is to keep up with the K’s.

Projects are being completed out of necessity rather than for aesthetic improvements.  Hence, replacement of the pantry linoleum.  The pictures speak for themselves.

yucky before picture

yucky middle picture

Ta-da.  No more crusty linoleum.  The grossest part was where the tile and the second layer of linoleum met.  I wasn’t sure how to fix it so I covered it.  I used 1 square foot linoleum tiles with self adhesive.

I measured the distance in between the tile and floor.  Then, I marked and scored the back of the tile just slightly so it wouldn’t break through the top layer.  Finally, I bent it and placed it at angle on the lip of the floor.  I cut up the remaining tiles to fit the rest of the pantry.  Total cost: $3.75 for 5 tiles and 1 hour of my time.  It could have gone faster, but I was anal about the tiles fitting just right and making sure each of the odd turns were covered.

Another side note:  The pantry was also freshened up with  some white paint.  I guess I must have done it wrong when I painted the closets because I didn’t have any of the same problems as last time.  My mom and dad did most of it and I did a coat in between.

As you can see, I had to replace the flooring so I could put my mixer away.  Sorry, but the NPP posts will be pretty basic for awhile.  Our top priority is watching tv organizing.

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