Hotel: Home Away from Home

My number 1 fan* is going on a business trip for a month.  My unorganized house made me think about all of the things you don’t have when you’re staying at a hotel.   Here are a few tips to bring a little home to your hotel.

*Based on blog participation.

Pillow case

Fortunately, all of the places I’ve stayed during business trips were clean.  But the sheets always have that super clean, just bleached smell.  I like the nice smell of my detergent and fabric softener to lull me to sleep.

Travel Alarm Clock

I always fumble around with the unfamiliar hotel alarm clock.  Even after I have tripled checked that it is set, my paranoia kicks in and makes me call the front desk for a wake up call.  The problem with a wake call is that it doesn’t have a snooze button.  True story:  I went on a business trip with a bunch of managers and feverishly prepared my stuff the night before so I could bounce out of bed/the room the next morning.  I always hit the snooze button twice, but had given myself extra time to sleep in.  In my semi-sleepy haze, I had accidentally turned the alarm clock off.  But not to worry, I was awaken by my wake up call…from the manager wondering if I was meeting him at the car instead of the lobby.  To avoid an extremely embarrassing situation like this, bring an alarm clock you are familiar with to avoid a morning mishap.

Pictures of your loved ones

Lugging around a picture frame with your dog’s picture can be cumbersome so I suggest bringing it in a lighter form.  A good old fashion printed picture and thumb tack should do the trick.  Put it on the wall when you walk through the door so you have someone to say hi to when you get it at night.  For a more modern spin, load your iPod or cell phone with pictures so you can view them while listening to your favorite tunes.

iPod (or equivalent music player) and dock

Most hotel chains have iPod docks which help to drown out the hotel noises (A/C humming, street traffic, kids screaming down the hall, ect).  You can check their website ahead of time to confirm or you can bring your own.  We have 2 brands and I recommend Logitech.  It has noticeably better sound quality and is much sleeker and compact than the iHome.  Side note:  Did you know I didn’t own an iPod until I won the dock at work?  And I had the dock for at least 6 months before I got the iPod.

House shoes

To keep your feet warm in an air conditioned room.  Or to keep off the dirt that people have tracked into the room.

I’ll admit that I’ve never brought all of this stuff with me, but all of these have been in my suitcase at one point.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

*#1 fan likes animal pictures. Don’t forget to bring me a cool souvenir.  Preferably made of gold or candy.*
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4 Responses to Hotel: Home Away from Home

  1. Smotos Unite says:

    I’m proud to say I practice all of the suggestions noted. My favorite suggestion is the pillowcase. The suggestion that is first nature to me is the house slipper suggestion. All suggestions in between are taken care of with the iPhone. A suggestion that is not on the list for those who don’t like soap scum/residue: liquid anti-bacterial hand soap – fill a travel sized bottle (< 3oz) and use this instead of the hotel-provided, bacteria-collecting bar soap.

  2. tiffany says:

    I’m shocked to see kitty made the website…considering your distaste for the feline types

  3. suz says:

    thanks for all the tips! that’s a nice looking bobcat!

  4. Tyson says:

    Good suggestions! I never thought about bringing a pillow case before but you are right about the smell. Something that B and I always liked to bring to hotels are towels, just because for some reason they give us a sense of cleaniness that you just don’t get with hotel towels since we washed them ourselves. For long international trips, I hear it is good to bring long ethernet cable because not all hotels have WIFI if they have high speed internet and power strip because then you can plug in all of your stuff when there may be limited outlets at the hotel.

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