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We’re Juicing Again

Does it mean I’m old and destined to live in suburbia forever when a day of picking fruit and juicing them is the highlight of my day?  So sad.  Quick, someone send me a link for a sample sale in … Continue reading

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Can I Get Your Digits?

I finished this a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to take the after pictures until today.  The original house numbers were gold and hard to see from the street.  You might miss our house if you … Continue reading

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Magic Carpet Ride

So far, you’ve only seen the back yard and the tv room.  Were you excited to see a little bit of the great/pool room?  Did you notice something different behind the pool table? We got new carpet!  It is a … Continue reading

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Hello World!

I’m baacck!  Hopefully someone is still reading.  I had to take a little break because of a little something called my day job. While I was a busy bee at work, C was a busy bee at home.  He was … Continue reading

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Charlotte’s Web

We have a spider problem.  I’ve seen several different types of spiders both inside and outside (mostly outside).  Not just the usual daddy-long-legs type, but the kind with fat butts and thick legs. This one had a web that was … Continue reading

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