Everyone seems to rave about hardwood floors, but I’m still not convinced that they’re the greatest flooring option.

Yes, hardwood floors are pretty to look at, but so are 5″ stilettos.  Stilettos give you added height and make you look longer and leaner.  But after an hour or so, you’re sorry that you decided to put them on.  Just like stilettos are hard on your feet, hardwood floors take a toll on your feet and knees.  Especially for tall people like C.

Yes, dust and dirt are easy to clean with a quick sweep or vacuum.  That is if you take the time to clean every week.  I’m more of a vacuum every other week type of person since I’ve always had carpet.  But hair and dust is much more visible floors.  If fact, C starts complaining about the buildup the day after I’ve cleaned.  I just don’t have time to sweep a few times a week.  And C claims he doesn’t know how the broom or vacuum works.

Yes, wall-to-wall carpet gets worn down and dirtier a lot quicker than hardwood.  But we don’t walk around in our shoes on carpet anyways so this isn’t an issue for us.  With the floors, I’m afraid that walking (or dragging my feet) in heels will scrape.  And what about the durability of the stuff that falls on the ground (i.e. my cell phone).  Carpet cushions the fall, but what will absorb the shock on floors?  Unfortunately, my phone.

All of these factors lead to a viscous cycle:  I stomp through the house with my shoes on and take them off because I’m making too much noise.  Then, the dirt I’ve tracked through the house sticks to my feet.  Gross.  So I put flats on which track even more dirt around.  Grosser.  I remember this fact and put clean socks on.  Then, I forget to take the socks off before I get into bed and bring the dirt into bed.  Grossest.

With that said, we’re only replacing the carpet in the tv room (for now).  I think the previous owners just put in this wonderful shag carpet since we found extras in the attic.

Not our tastes so we’re choosing our own style of carpet.  These were our top choices.

We loved the one on the left, be we couldn’t get past the price tag.  We tried justifying the price by the amount of usage it would get or how much healthier this brand of carpet would be.  No go.  We’ll  suck up the chemicals in a different brand of carpet and spend our money on new couches.  So here are the next choices.

Almost as “unique” as the shag, huh?  The lighter, neutral versions don’t have such a distinct design as these.  They add a slight texture to the carpet and to the room.  Sure, this will be just as dated as the shag in a few years, but we’re young and dumb and love taking chances.

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5 Responses to Hardwood

  1. Smotos Unite says:

    My vote is for the tan/neutral on the far left (if facing the samples). Though I think this color scheme is very popular. The middle grey is my second choice. I agree that patterns add texture and character to the floors. The one Tyson chose just doesn’t do it for me (sorry Tyson … or shall I refer to you as #1 fan?)

  2. tiffany says:

    I LOOOOOVVEEE shag carpet, however it shows its age pretty quickly cause it wears down and flattens out and gets bald spots. Cushy carpet is nice to walk on, especially coming home with sore feet because of a long walk or just wearing shoes that hurt.

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      Do you want us to the save the carpet for you when we take it out? I love to recycle!

      • tiffany says:

        No, its ok…as much as I love your carpet I don’t have a need for it, it’ll just become clutter…thanks for the offer though!

  3. Tyson says:

    I agree about hardwood, especially when people use it in the bedrooms. If you like to relax on the floor (which I do oddly enough), it sucks. But I think it does look nice in the common living areas. I think the carpet on the far right looks nice! It has the least amount of patterns but I kinda like carpet that is more plain.

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