Frost Yourself

Frrrosst yourself.  Anyone know what movie that line is from?  Hint:  Character AA spurs the saying when referencing dog accessories.

I wanted to keep the windows in the laundry room simple so I “frosted” them.  My decisions to go this route had to do with the fact that this is the cheapest and least time consuming solution to my uncovered window problem.

I started the Gila frosted film project a week ago, but didn’t finish until this weekend.  I read the directions on the box over and over again and it never said anything about needing additional supplies.  Thought it was strange since I see people spraying stuff on the windows before applying it on the DIY shows.  I shrugged my shoulders and started to cut it down to size.  When I got to step 4, it said, “Spray with the Solution.”  Mmm…what solution?  Duh, the solution from the Gila film application kit.  There goes my cheap project.

Well, the kit actually came in handy.  It had a cutting tool which guided the cutting of the 1/16″ gap between the edge of the film and window.  The longest part was cutting the 4’x6.5′ piece of film into the parts I needed for the window.  After that it only took me 30 minutes to apply to both sides of the laundry room window and a side door window in the garage.

If you want step by step directions, the steps that come with it are very detailed.  My only tip is not to forget the 1/16″ gap around the edges of the film.  Even though the directions said to leave the border, I decided to skip that step for aesthetic reasons I, but the edges bubble up when it started to dry.  A quick spritz of the solution and a trim with the cutting tool solved that problem.

You can see (or not see) that it allows a lot light to come through, but our neighbor won’t be able to peek in (our fences are kind of short).

Total for this project: $32.66 (or $10/window) and 1 hour of my time.  The price per use will go down once I give the leftovers to my FIL for his house projects.

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2 Responses to Frost Yourself

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  2. tiffany says:

    oh its one of my all time favorite movies!! andy anderson…haha

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