One of our many projects this weekend was to trim and clean the backyard.  I put my little work gloves on and got my hands gloves dirty raking and picking up leaves.

Trimming was complete when we fill up the green compost bin (x2.5).  My dad also let us use his bin and then we snuck some leaves into our neighbor’s bin.  Next, we moved to the grapefruit tree.  We wanted to pick the fruit before it rotted and molded and created a mess on the lawn.  We had a system for collecting them.  C stood on the roof in flip flops and stretched beyond the edge of the roof to pick the fruit.  As I stood on the 10′ ladder balancing the bucket, he would roll them down to me.  He never rolled them in the same direction so I had to move back and forth to catch.  Sounds dangerous?  It was.  We have to come up with a better method for next time.

We collected about 40 lbs.  We gave away half and juiced the other half.  It was so refreshing and yummy.

Side note: the Jack LaLanne juicer was the wedding present that I predicted would rot away in the back of our closet.  To my surprise, it is the most used (after the toaster) small kitchen appliance we received.  Woo-hoo to fresh juice!

We still have plenty of yummy white grapefruit.  Not as sweet as ruby reds, but not super tart.  Just grapefruit goodness.  Definitely eatable/drinkable without any sugar.    For an extra fee, we might even juice it for you.

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One Response to Juicin’

  1. Tyson says:

    Greetings from Korea!!! I always thought that having a lot of fruit trees might be a lot of work because my grandma always spent a lot of time cleaning up anything they didn’t eat off of their trees. You have to let me know if you think the benefits outweigh the negatives of having fruit trees. Also, I really like having a juicer. It’s oddly fun to have fresh squeezed juice. I’m amazed I figured out how to get this Korean keyboard to start using english characters, I actually don’t know how I did it…

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