Secure the Doors

I’m pretty sure the sellers left us with all of the copies of the keys they had since we have about 4 extra.  Regardless, I wanted to get all of the locks re-keyed.  Instead of taking them to a locksmith, I decided to do it myself.  If I paid someone else to do it, what would I write about?

I found this kit which allows you to re-key six doors at my favorite home improvement store.  Is it weird that I have a favorite home improvement store?  My errand list now consists of: 1. Go to Nordstrom and 2.  Go to OSH.

I started by disassembling the door knob from the door.  Then, I moved on to removing the tumbler (middle part where the key goes in) from the inside of the knob.  Finally, I read the directions.  Whoops, I wasn’t supposed to take all of that stuff apart.  Oh well, I’ll just have a little extra work when I put it back together.

One of the trickiest parts was removing a tiny C shaped washer from the end of the tumbler.  We were able to pop it off, but it landed in the same spot as white socks in the dryer.  The Bermuda triangle of lost things.  I figured I could secure it with tape later.  On to step 7:  Insert new key into lock.  Did you know where are 2 basic types of keys?  Both can be seen on my key chain in the picture below.  I guess I knew that, but never paid attention.  VERY important in this situation.  The key from the kit didn’t fit in the door knob.  It was the wrong basic shape.  This was the last misstep I would take with the re-keying project.  All I ended up with was grease all over my fingers and a door knob-less door.

I got frustrated and put the parts in a zip lock bag.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to get it repaired by someone or just buy a new knob.  As you can see, not all of our projects are successful.  On the upside, the latch still works in the door knob-less door and most people haven’t figured out how to open it.  So our house is still secure.  Thankfully, I started with the door that leads into the garage.

UPDATE:  C successfully re-keyed every door.  Woo-hoo.  What a handy man.  Unfortunately, the key to the front door doesn’t work.  After you turn the key and unbolt the door, something gets loose and the key is stuck in the lock.  At least the old key doesn’t work anymore.

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5 Responses to Secure the Doors

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  2. Tyson says:

    I’m trying to do this right now. I actually managed to rekey all of my door knobs but somehow I messed up the deadbolts and now I think I need to buy a new garage deadbolt.

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  4. Tyson says:

    I changed the lock and doorknob at my apartment (not sure if that was allowed but oh well) and it wasn’t too bad if you are changing the entire apparatus. Just don’t remove knob and close the door…because it is very hard to open a door without a knob. I made a make-shift knob out of a screwdriver just so I could open the door back up.

  5. Brandon says:

    This is why we bit the bullet and spent a few hundred dollars to replace every single door knob in the house…and we wanted the chrome/silver look throughout.

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