Hello World!

I’m baacck!  Hopefully someone is still reading.  I had to take a little break because of a little something called my day job.

While I was a busy bee at work, C was a busy bee at home.  He was able to find the right re-keying kit at the hardware store and was able to fix my little mistake.

It’s so nice to have real door knobs again.  The only snag is that the key doesn’t work on the front door.  It gets stuck in the lock and then we have to take the whole door knob apart.  The lock works, so we’ll tackle that problem some other day.

We also put away EVERY single box.  Key words “put away”, not unpacked.  I gave up and shoved the rest of the boxes in the attic.  The house is so clean and tidy.  It makes me so happy that I’m kind of giddy.  All of the furniture is in the room it was destined for and we’re able to start decorating!  Are you excited to see what we’ve been doing?

Here are a few things we’ve started:

1.  We made a stop to the billiards shop to pick out the felt for the pool table. C and dad assembled the frame and slate.

do you see that lovely shade on the bottom row, second from the right?!

2.  I’ve overcome my aversion to painting.  Phew…what kind of blog would this be if I didn’t paint?  I painted my desk, a dresser and a jewelery box.

what will this look like after my paint job?

Stay tuned!  Hopefully, I won’t get too swamped at work again (until mid-October at least).

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3 Responses to Hello World!

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  2. tiffany says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hot pink felt. i love it more than the green shag that got tossed.

  3. bobbi lee says:

    Been wondering where you have been….. Like the paint job

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