Magic Carpet Ride

So far, you’ve only seen the back yard and the tv room.  Were you excited to see a little bit of the great/pool room?  Did you notice something different behind the pool table?

We got new carpet!  It is a good thing we did.  When the carpet guy peeled back the old carpet, it was kitty littered with stains.  I don’t even want to think of where they came from, but I’m glad I always wore shoes in that room.  Now it is a shoe free room as you can see from my flip flops in the back.

Just a reminder of the contenders:

The winner was middle one!  But in beige or Day Star to be specific.



Now I want new couches.  The leather and wood makes it feel too “lodge” like.  And then you throw tv/speakers in the mix and you have one unappealing looking room.  Hopefully, the new carpet will be the magic trick that starts the transformation of this room.

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