Painted Dresser

Here is a small dresser I painted to brighten it up a bit.  It was a classic case of the Monets.

From far away it looked ok, but when you got up close you could see all of its imperfections.

It has been moved from at least 6 different apartments and was dropped a few times.  And I might have rested a cotton ball with nail polish remover on it.  Regardless of how the damage occurred, it needed some TLC.  Plus, it is too traditional looking for my taste.  And there is so much wood in our house that I want to reduce the amount of mis-matched wood tones.

So, I painted it.  I did everything that was mentioned in the previous post and also painted the drawer pulls with black spray paint (no primer).  I usually love gold, but it looked weird on the white paint.

Helpful tip:  put all hardware into a container when you remove it so you have each part when you put it back together.Two coats of primer covers the dark wood pretty good.

Ta-da.  Here it is after a few coats of semi-gloss spray paint.  The spray paint was able to cover the top drawer without filling in the details of the lines.

Here’s a close up of the drawer pull.

I’m really happy with how well I was able to freshen it up. You can’t even tell that part of the foot had broken off.  It will reside in my office, but we have to do a little musical chairs with some of the furniture to make room for it.  This has given me the confidence to paint some of our other furniture.

Total cost:

  1. Dresser Free.  Someone had given it to C several years ago.
  2. Primer:  Already owned, but a small can costs $10 and goes a long way
  3. Black spray paint: Already owned
  4. White spray paint: 2 cans x $4=$8

Wowsa.  $8 for a new looking dresser.

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