Let There Be Light

Look what we got in the mail.  Lighting from West Elm!

We (meaning C) are adding lights in the great room.  Wish us luck.  We (meaning C) don’t have experience with electrical type things (obviously I do, but I’m at work all day).  In addition to the West Elm lighting fixture, we are also putting in recessed lighting.  To visualize the lighting placement, we put 6″ circles around the ceiling to see where we wanted to put the recessed lighting.

Needless to say, by the time I got home, there were holes in the ceiling in spots where I didn’t place circles.  Worst of all, they’re not symmetrically aligned.  It bothers me.  C offered to patch the holes and cut new ones.  It would bother me more to see the light outline of a patched hole in the ceiling so I declined the offer.

C’s dad and grandfather are coming over to finish off the job.  Grandpa used to be an electrician so we’re in good hands.  More to come.

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