Glow in the Dark

C had a sweet treat waiting for me when I got home.

The lighting project was complete.  One of the only perks of coming home when it is dark was to see the glow of the newly installed chandy (short for chandelier aka pendant lamp) in the great room.  The misaligned recessed lights didn’t look so bad once light was pouring out of the holes.  Kudos to the men for doing a great job and finishing so quickly.

Here is a play by play of the birth of our chandy:

1.  Cover the precious pool table.  We can’t get that dirty.

2.  Magically connect them to the dimmer and make wires come out of the ceiling.  Attach to the lighting fixture.

3.  Unwrap each individual capiz shell.  All 500 of them.  Perfectly packed to stay protected during shipping.  It took 40 minutes.  How do I know?  C mentioned it a nine few times.

4.  Turn on the lights and enjoy the newly lit room.

We searched high and low for a chandy.  C and I could not agree on anything.  He wanted something grandiose and I wanted something understated.   So when I found this pendant lamp at West Elm, I thought C would balk at the idea of shells over the pool table.  I like how the three tiered rectangular shape mimics the shape of table.  I dragged him all the way to West Elm so he could see it in person and it was love good enough.  One gift card and 10% coupon later, it arrived at our door.  What do you think?

BTW:  We picked calm camel for the new pool table felt.  I figured I can add color to the room with accessories and keep the big pieces of furniture neutral.

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2 Responses to Glow in the Dark

  1. Smotos Unite says:

    Looks good!! Can’t wait to see it with a cup of grapefruit juice in hand!

  2. Tyson says:

    Nice combo of the chandelier and recessed lighting. It doesn’t seem too bad to install recessed lighting and it looks really nice in the end.

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