Up For Adoption

We’ve (meaning me) settled on a furniture layout for each room and unfortunately there are a few things we didn’t have room for. The office has been the dumping ground for all unwanted furniture so it is a bit crowded. In fact, as soon as you walk into the room you have to make a sharp turn to avoid running straight into the couch. Every inch of wall space is covered by a piece of furniture: bed, desk, side desk, tv stand and couch. Waiting to enter this mad house is the three drawer dresser I just painted.

On most adult sized couches, my legs dangle above the floor. Our little red couch is the perfect width and height so my legs touch the floor when I lean back. It has been lovingly handed down from C’s aunt to cousin to us. As old as it is, it still has great cushion and support. It is in the office right now since I thought I would use it when I read a book or for C to sit in while I am using my PC. Instead, we’ve used it for everything except for relaxation purposes: coat hanger, laundry folding area, bill organizer and general junk holder. We’ve moved this little guy from three places including an apartment on the third floor. So it was really hard for me to decide to give it up.

Not so hard to give up is this tv stand. We don’t need it in the living room since we have the built-in shelves and the office is so crowded that there isn’t any room for it to swivel as it was intended. I would store it in the shed, but we’ve managed to fill it up.

*notice the unused printer. another thing crowding this room*

See, it is so crowded I couldn’t even take a good picture of this.  So, we have to say au revoir to the couch and tv stand. Let me know if you have room in your home.


**UPDATE:  The kids have been adopted!  We potentially found a new home for the couch and tv stand.  The best part is that they’ll be going to the same family.   It is nice that they will be able to keep each other company.**

So, we have to say au revoir to the couch and tv stand. Let me know if you have room in your home.
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2 Responses to Up For Adoption

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  2. Randi says:

    Robin wants the couch and TV stand.

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