Garage Sale Treasures

There are so many old people in our neighborhood.  The lady next door is so old that we’ve never seen her because she doesn’t go outside.  The couple at the end of the street literally jumped for joy when they saw “young” people joining the block.  When the wind blows the right way, the faint smell of moth balls fills the air.

The upside of the old people are the great garage and estate sales.  As a bonus, we get the end of the day prices thanks to the fact that I sleep in so late.  I usually go myself since C has zero interest in people’s junk treasure.  As we were pulling out of the driveway this past weekend, he surprised me by saying, “Any garage sales going on?”  I silently wondered, “Did he just say what I thought he said?  Why is he being nice to me?  Does he want something?”  Out loud I answered, “Umm, I think I saw a sign for one down the street.  Wanna go?”  C, “Sure, we can swing by.”  Me, “OMG, am I dying and I don’t know it?”  Luckily, C was just being nice to be nice.  No strings attached.

C walked away from the latest estate sale wondering how the people died.  I had to explain that most of the old people are downsizing and getting rid of the their stuff, right?  I walked away with these items.  Brass candle stick holders ($5 for the pair) and brass light switch covers ($2.50 for the pair).  Yes, these will definitely get spray painted.  Not the normal white or cream, but a yet to be determined color.

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3 Responses to Garage Sale Treasures

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  2. uncle raymond says:

    thanks for the tip on spray painting my towel rack. . . so far so good!

  3. tiffany says:

    i love garage sales and estate sales too…reminds me of being young and being dragged to them when my parents wanted to go. they wanted to go to find cheap stuff, not really treasures tho. maybe i’ll join you one day! i took mike to one was fun to look at all the old stuff but i don’t think he really liked it that much to do it on a weekly/regular basis.

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