Spray It: Light Switches

Things I dislike about fall/winter:

  1. Less sunlight:  Poor natural light for pictures.  My lenses are only so good and between the sun setting before I come home and the gloomy weekend weather, I’m forced to use my flash.  Which leads to less than desirable pictures.
  2. Rain:  Makes it impossible hard for paint to dry.  I painted a few things and moved them after an hour (the directions say drying time is only 15 minutes) and the paint rubbed off.
  3. Cold:  My work area is in the backyard and it is hard to get motivated to nail, polish or paint anything when you have to put on so many layers to avoid getting cold or block the strong gusts of wind.  Or maybe I dislike getting older.

Sorry to complain, but I just want to prep you for the crap that you’ll be seeing.  I bought some paint to pretty up my garage sale finds.  I had great expectations of blogging about all of the loveliness that I hoped to complete.  Instead, I ended up with strangely colored pieces.  I would have just bought new paint, but I might melt in the rain.  So I stayed home and watched paint not dry.

Up first are the light switch covers.  I wanted to refinished them with a silver or gunmetal finish.  You be the judge on how it turned out.

The one on the left looks like I wrapped it aluminum foil.  It is hard to tell in the picture, but it is as shiny as mercury.  The one on the right is too dull and looks dirty and looks like a bad solder joint. I’m very close to painting them white or cream.  Must resist.  Must use new colors.

I was so excited to finish these that I took off the plastic switch covers they were replacing.  So on top of the unsatisfactory results, we have open holed light switches.  Better luck next week.

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