Treasure Chest

C’s grandma gave us a chest to store our linens in since we told her we were planning on demo-ing the linen closet.  The closet is still there, but I’m glad she gave it to us.  I’ve been trying to figure out why our towels don’t have the “just out of the wash” smell that they used to have.  It’s due to a variety or reasons, but one of them is because the closet has a faint smell of cigarette smoke.  The previous owner smoked must have smoke in that closet while juggling moth balls because it has mixed smell of moth ball and smoke.

I didn’t want the towels to get snagged on the wicker so I made a liner.  No before or in between pictures.  If you really need to know how I did it, call me.  I used an old flat sheet and sewed velcro to the corners after I sewed it into a box.  I hot-glue the other side of the velcro to the chest.  Voila.  A chest liner.

A totally free project.  On a side note, we must have an “I’ll take anything” aura because everyone keeps giving us their old furniture.  And I keep taking it (much to C’s chagrin).  My brother was giving away a mini-recliner (in the sense that it fits me perfectly and C, not so much) and I took it even though I’m already giving stuff away. It is a sickness.  Somebody stop me.  Unless you’re giving away something really cool.  Even if it isn’t, let me see it before you throw it away.

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