I Was Framed

I just added carpentry to the list of titles I’ve earned since being a homeowner.  Ok, saying that I’m a carpenter may be a stretch, but we took lumber and made something with it.  That means I’ve done carpentry, right?

Here is the mirror I’ve been eyeing at West Elm.  I just couldn’t pay that much money for a framed mirror.

I felt like I could make it.  So I did.  Well,  I started it.  We (A+C+dad) bought a few 2x4s of poplar lumber and cut 45 degree edges on the ends.

Then, we used my handy dandy Kreg jig to drill pocket holes into the sides.  My dad gave this to me for my birthday (I asked for it) and this is the first time I’ve been able to use it.  It is the contraption below which guides your drill to the perfect angle so that screws go through the middle of the wood.  You adjust the clamp in the middle for the thickness of the wood.  The drill goes through the holes on the top comes out at an angle on the side.

*drilling in progress*

Once the holes are drilled, you align and clamp the wood so you can join the two pieces with screws.

$45 of lumber, 12 screws and 15 minutes later, you get this:

We made the frame to fit a mirror that my uncle gave us.  There is probably a better way to frame a mirror, but we’re going to attach the bare mirror with some mirror hooks on the back after we paint it.  We’ll save that for a different day.

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