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Mystery Friday

We like to add color to more than the occasional garage sale find.  We also like to cook up fun with new projects like this. Participate in the poll.  Results will be posted on Monday (if enough people participate). Update:  … Continue reading

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50 Last Dates

Did you get any of the crazy windy and rainy tornado weather on Christmas?  Well, the tornado hit every room of our house.  It strewed clothes and Christmas wrap across every flat surface.  And by tornado, I mean me and … Continue reading

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Closet Progress

The closet renovation is at the end of week 4.  We’ve made good progress, but we’re only half way done.  If a closet takes this long, how long will the kitchen take? While I was gone, C was able to: … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I finally finished the floor length mirror we started a few months ago.  There was a minor snafu because “we” didn’t measure where the mirror was supposed to go and “we” made it too big.  So, we had to take … Continue reading

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Closet Upgrade

If you voted for demolition (all two of you) in the Mystery Friday poll, you were right.  We (meaning me) wanted a bigger closet so all of my stuff could be in the same place.  Currently, my clothes and shoes … Continue reading

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