Rome Continued

I know this is becoming less of a “making something out of nothing to decorate your house with” kind of blog, but who doesn’t like looking at old stuff?  If I had a can of spray paint with me, I would have freshened up a few of these things.  Besides, I haven’t had time to fix or make or craft anything in the last few weeks.

So, here are some more pictures to keep you coming back.  I don’t think very many people read this anyways so I have to keep the few of you happy  And if you get tired of the sporadic lack of posts, sign up in the link on the right.  It has been tested and proven to produce zero spam in your inbox from me or WordPress.  So do it.  So I know that you know that I know you are reading.  Pretty please.  You can even catch glimpses of things I accidentally post and then take down.

St. Peter’s Square

Inside the Basilica in St. Peter’s Square

Christmas market in Piazza Navona

Inside the Pantheon

Trevi Fountain

The Coloseum from afar

I have a lot of other pictures, but they are the same ones you see on tv , books or on the world wide web.  Fun fact:  Did you know the word arena meant sand in Latin?  So the ancient Romans would say, “Let’s go to the sandy place” and arena turned into a word meaning an area for sports.

One of the billion fountains in Rome.  Specifically in Piazza Navona.

Not the greatest picture of me, but this was after a long day at work and walking around for a few hours.  I normally would only post more flattering pictures of myself, but this is one of the only ones with me in it and I had to prove I was actually there.  The last two pictures are the same fountain!  Ciao.


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3 Responses to Rome Continued

  1. Stunning blog you got here ! Beautiful shots! Love this post totally. Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. sean says:

    lucky! you get to go to cool places for work! i still go to not-as-cool spots such as the lake and mt home. ha!

  3. Brandon says:

    I get all your posts through my Google Reader so keep the posts coming. Don’t need you to give up on your blog like I did after failing to convince anyone to come to Texas…booo me.

    At least your job is cool and you got to go to Europe, totally awesome. I think I have you beat though because although I no longer go to Forest, MS I am a frequent visitor of Crane, Indiana and Jacksonville, FL. Those cities are so awesome, way cooler than Rome.

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