Closet Upgrade

If you voted for demolition (all two of you) in the Mystery Friday poll, you were right.  We (meaning me) wanted a bigger closet so all of my stuff could be in the same place.  Currently, my clothes and shoes are spread between 2 dresser and 1 closet in 3 different rooms.  We (meaning C) are taking 2 hallway and 1 bedroom closets and combining them to make a walk-in closet.  At the end of this project we should be able to fit all of my stuff and the clothes that C wears (not owns) into 1 closet.

We (meaning C) had originally estimated this project would take 1 or 2 weeks max, but we are approaching week #4.  The decisions to start the closet project went a little something like this:

9pm on a Monday evening
C:  Can you move your stuff out of the closet
A:  Why?
C:  I’m going to start knocking down the walls tomorrow morning.
C:  I can probably finish by the weekend.
A:  Umm. Ok.  If you think it is a good idea.

I think the project would have gone smoother if we had a project manager (aka me) to work the details prior to the start of the job.  There was a lot of mis-communication and heated arguments because C would ask me to make choices in the morning as I was frantically getting ready because I had overslept again or at night right before he went to bed meaning that I had five minutes to respond before he was out.  Before I make decisions, I like to think of the pros and cons, do price comparisons, draw diagrams and plan out all of the details with at least 2 contingency plans in case something goes wrong.   C is more of a free spirit who plays it by ear.  More pictures to come since it is still a work in progress, but here is a peek of what C had to deal with to get his done.

I’ll admit that I have not participated in this project.  The most I’ve done is hand C a trash bag to sweep some of the plaster into.  Maybe I can paint the walls when the sheet rock is up and the walls are finished.  We’ll see.

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One Response to Closet Upgrade

  1. sean says:

    i just bought a condo in downtown LA. looks like i’ll be doing small projects here and there too…

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