Closet Progress

The closet renovation is at the end of week 4.  We’ve made good progress, but we’re only half way done.  If a closet takes this long, how long will the kitchen take?

While I was gone, C was able to:

1.  Tear down the walls

2.  Frame the existing and new walls.  The area of the combined closets was an odd shape so we ended up with a rectangle master closet and a small square hallway closet.  Since we made the door into the master closet a smaller size (one door instead of the 2 sliding), we had to frame a new wall where the part of the old door was located.

C had help from his contractor/carpenter friend Nick who showed him what/how to frame everything.  And of course he also provided free manual labor.

The dark blue lines outside of the footprint are the new doors.

3.  Hang sheet rock and install lights.  C is becoming a pro at installing recessed lighting so he put in 4″ lights in each corner.

You can see where we knocked down the walls from the missing flooring in the middle picture.  The picture of the electrical stuff is directly behind the wall on the left and and the other one is wall where the new hallway closet will go.

There is the other side of the opening to the new mini closet.  As you can tell, we have wood paneling that we’ll have to take down since it will be hard to cover and match the parts that are missing.

4.  Install a track and attach the pocket door

Picture #2 is a close up of the track for the pocket door.

I felt a little guilty for not contributing more so I took a day off to help mud and tape, but it was not in the cards for me to get too much done.  First, I had to do some work from home so C and dad started without me.  When I joined the the festivities, we realized that we only had 2 spatulas to apply the mud so I was relegated to cutting and wetting the tape.  Which was fine with me.  I am too short to efficiently reach the top and bottom without a ladder, but C and dad could reach with a small step stool.  Pretty soon we figured out it was better to form an assembly line than to do each joint individually.  I would cut and wet the tape and one of the others would take turns laying mud and smoothing the tape over it.  We were a well oiled taping/mudding machine.  Until the power went out.  I told you, I wasn’t meant to do this type of manual labor.

So, we cleaned our tools and sat in the dark shivering.  Just kidding.  Dad went home and C and I went to dinner at a friend’s house.  I’ll take pictures of the stuff we’re using to mud and tape when we start up again.  Since I wasn’t here to witness the demo or construction, I can’t tell you how it was done.  Because getting details from C is like talking to my 1 year old nephew.  I can make out a few words that he’s saying, but trying to string together grunts and hand motions just doesn’t paint the whole picture.

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