50 Last Dates

Did you get any of the crazy windy and rainy tornado weather on Christmas?  Well, the tornado hit every room of our house.  It strewed clothes and Christmas wrap across every flat surface.  And by tornado, I mean me and C.  Tearing through my closet looking for a skirt to wear and last minute present wrapping with a dash of laziness caused our house to look like an episode of Clean House.

After the Christmas food coma wore off (a day later), I decided to clean.  Not just put stuff where it belonged, but get rid of stuff.  Spring cleaning came 2 months early.  Then, I remembered a post from one of my favorite blogs about getting rid of a fixed amount of things. So, I decided to have 50 last dates with my some of my stuff.  It started with a pair of holey socks (2 items).  I moved onto our overflowing basket of linens (10 items) and before I knew it, I was able to part with at least 53 items.   I stopped counting after that.  I am mostly donating, but trashing some things.  Because no one needs my holey socks.

That was 50+ items from two rooms.  I still need to go through the kitchen and the attics (shudder).  The attic is where we (and some family members. You know who you are.) shove things that we don’t want to deal with.  I’ll save that chore for the real spring cleaning.

I basked in my triumph over clutter for about 3 minutes until I realized that I had brought in the same amount of stuff in the form of presents and Christmas sale deals/steals.  Boo.  At least I reached an equilibrium.   I challenge you to start 2011 with a little less stuff than 2010!

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