My latest endeavor has me tweeting from the rooftops and chirping happy melodies.  Why?  Not because I joined twitter, but because I bought supplies for a project and completed it in less than a month.  Seventeen days to be exact.

My stockpile of craft supplies has made friends with my dust bunnies and my roommate is getting cranky about the amount of junk stuff I’ve been accumulating.  He made me promise to stop buying or starting projects until I’ve completed the ones in my queue.  Thank goodness I finished something because I just bought a big piece of furniture to refinish.

I made a pair of throw pillows with this lovely DwellStudio’s fabric.

I swooned over it when I first saw it.  It is kind of weird and not my usual type of print, but I was drawn to it.  But not its price tag.  So I googled the name of the print (Vintage Blossom) and found the exact pair of throw pillows I wanted to make on Etsy.  But once again, I wasn’t drawn to the price tag.  I moved on and bought other fabric which has been sitting in the great room, alongside my good intentions, for the past 2+ months.

About 24 days ago I stumbled upon the print during’s sale and quickly purchased it along with down pillow inserts.  I was determined to finish them this weekend since I had made arrangements to pick up my Craigslist purchase.  I took me over an hour to make the first one, but it is probably because I would only measure and cut during commercial breaks.

Want to learn how I made them?  Then keep reading.  If not, skip to the pictures at the end.  But most people do anyways.  First, I cut a 19.5″ square fabric (for an 18″ pillow) with the pattern in the location I wanted.  Specifically, with a little birdie in the corner.  Next, I folded and ironed a 1/2″ seam on each side.  To ensure the fabric is a true square, make sure the measurement of the diagonals are the same.

I was going to make a nerdy reference to the pythagorean theorem, but I’m not sure how many people would get or appreciate it.  And yes, the bottom fold is a little bigger than the other sides. No big deal.

I put two pieces on top of each other with the pattern facing out and secured with a few pins to keep them in place.  I decided to keep a little trim on the edge to make them look a little fancier by sewing 1/4″ from the sides.  Finally, I stuffed the pillow inside and sewed the last edge.  Two notes:

1.  I decided to sew it shut instead of adding a zipper since it says the fabric is dry clean only so I can’t take them off to wash.  And it was easier.

2.  I didn’t learn this until the second pillow, but squish the pillow into the cover and pin the fabric about half way down.  This is to prevent the pillow from spilling out while you sew the last side.  If not, you will have a crooked seam which will haunt you in your dreams because you are too lazy to re-do it.

A few hours later (or maybe one if your tv is off), you get these beauties.

Total cost of the project:

$10 for each down pillow insert

$17.25 for 1.5 yards of fabric, but I only used 1 yard

~$15.75 for each pillow.  Don’t you think that is a great bargain?  Back to those Etsy pillows I mentioned earlier.  That person is making a killing on those pillows.  Maybe I should open an Etsy shop.  How much would you be willing to pay for these?


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3 Responses to Tweeting

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  2. tiffany says:

    I love the print of the fabric you chose! Its so cute I may have to copy you. AND down inserts?? Send me the link to the etsy site. I want to see the delta of the costs.

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      There should be a hyperlink in the paragraph of the post. Let me know if doesn’t work.

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