Free Fabric Find

I was going through my old dresser at my parent’s house and found this fabric my mom has had for a few years.  Her friend gave her this ethnic print full of rich and bold colors, but she never found a use for it.  I decided to be a good daughter and help her “clean” my old room by taking it off of her hands.

I was tired of seeing the large traditional floral print on a stool I’ve had since college so  I decided to refresh it this weekend by recovering it with my newly acquired free fabric.  As I reminisced about my glory days in college, I pulled out my first DIY tool:  a glue gun.  This is the same dollar store glue gun my mom sent me off to college with.  Can you believe it lasted this long? In five minutes (since the tv was off), I was able to tear off the old fabric, cut a piece of new fabric and glue it down.  I used the old fabric as a guide to cut a piece from the new one.  Next, I flipped the chair over and quickly glued and folded the fabric to the underside.

I’m confident that glue will keep the fabric in place since that is what did the job with the last “reupholstering”.  After the sides were done, I pinched and gathered the fabric in the corners and glued those down for a finished look.

The end product isn’t very glamorous, but it at least I have something new to look at.

I have extra fabric left over if you also want to add spice to your house.

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