Ostrich Eggs?

Wowsa.  We are going to be eating omelets for a week.  If you guessed an ostrich egg holder for the Mystery Friday poll…

sorry for the yellow picture.  i was too tired from carrying the giant egg to adjust the camera settings.

…then you guessed wrong.  I should have put something next to the egg to show how big it was.  Oh well.

If you guessed left overs from an upholstery project, then you were right!  It would have been more of a mystery if these chairs weren’t the first thing I showed people when they came over.  You probably guessed from the delightful shade of dusty rose that the thing in the picture was the dusty fabric from the chairs I’ve been wanting to re-cover.

I got a pair of cute cane back (side?) chairs back in August from a Craigslister and the Mystery Friday picture was the underside of the tufted back.  Like I mentioned before, I was finally motivated to start these since I am acquiring more projects than I am starting/completing.  Last weekend, a friend came over to give me pointers on how to take the chairs apart.

For starters, we took pictures every time we took a piece off or peeled away a  layer of fabric.  That way, when you start putting the chair back together, you know which order in which to reassemble each piece or how to reattach something.  We took each staple, tack, and liner off to start off with as much of the “bones” of the chair as possible.

When we took the fabric off, we were pleased to see the foam did not have any stains.  So a quick spray of Lysol and it was good as new.

Not much progress beyond taking the chairs apart and removing the old fabric, but here is what I will be covering them with.  Another lovely DwellStudio’s print called Gate.

What do you think of the design?  Does it make you dizzy or do you enjoy also geometric prints?

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One Response to Ostrich Eggs?

  1. tiffany says:

    I like the print I can’t wait to see the final product

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