More Meat for Your Seat

My poor little chair is feeling anorexic these days.  It has been stripped down to its frame and is nothing more than skin and bones.

Not to worry, I fattened it up by putting a little more meat on its seat.  Even though the foam seat has plenty of life left in it, I added a layer of batting to make it more plush.  Using a simple craft staple gun, I attached it to the wood in the order labeled in the picture.

Attaching it to the seat in a cross formation ensures even distributed across the foam.  Next, I stapled the rest of the batting in the same order every few inches until it was secured.  Trim the excess and you have a fattened cushion for your tush’n.  Look how tight that bottom looks.

Ok, I forgot to take a picture after I trimmed it, but you get the gist.

I used the old cover as a pattern to cut the new fabric.  WARNING:  If you added batting, remember add an extra inch or so when cutting the new fabric since the batting adds a little length.  I forgot to do that and it was a tight squeeze when I attached the fabric cover to the seat.

For a crisp, store bought look, make a slip cover for your cushion.  After the new fabric is cut, lay it inside out on top of the foam.  Pin the corners to make a guide of where to sew.

I only sewed the two corners that faced the front.  I didn’t bother with the back since it will be covered up.  I attached the cover the same way I did the batting.  Except it took me an hour since I had to keep checking and rechecking to make sure the pattern was in the right place.  Then I had to remove the staples because it wasn’t centered.  Rinse and repeat two more times and I got a covered cushion and a blood blister from the staple gun.  Yucky.

Using the zipper foot and scrap fabric, I made coordinating cording.  Yes, I took the time to make cording.  It was actually very easy.   In fact, it was the easiest part of this whole process.  I ripped the fabric off the old cording and just recovered it since I forgot to buy new cord.  Afterward, I attached the cording directly to the bottom of the cushion.

Finally, after I labored for three and a half hours, I got this.

It is like the fake Foster’s farm chickens, artificially plumped and juicy.   It is only half way done, but I am pleased as punch by the results.  I was skipping around the house with the cushion in hand loudly proclaiming, “I’m finished. I’m finished.  Look at it, I’m finished.”  Unfortunately, it took so long that no one was awake to fully appreciate my accomplishment.  I was so happy that I just kept skipping around by myself.

Considering the “simple” cushion took me so long, I think I will wait until the weekend before I take a crack at the back.  Anyone want to join in the fun?



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One Response to More Meat for Your Seat

  1. Smotos Unite says:

    Looking good. The extra time you spent on the cording was well worth it. Any plans to paint the frame?

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