Bright as the Sun

I’m wondering if I should change the polls from Mystery Friday to Mystery Monday.  I might get more responses.  Any opinions?

If you guessed the awesome blue and yellow celestial papers were old drawer liners, then you are as bright as the sun.  A few posts ago I mentioned that I had purchased this big piece of furniture from Craigslist.  We are replacing our laminate hand me down (^squared) dresser in our room with this treasure:

It has a curved front with a lot of beautiful details in the trim.  Unfortunately, it is a Monet.  It is a little banged up and the wood is starting to crack in a few places so I’m going to have repair it with wood filler.  I plan on painting it since wood filler is even less attractive than missing chunks of wood.

Oh, here is that celestial print again.  It coordinates well with the classic lines of the dresser, right?  If there had to be liner in this sweet dresser, I would have preferred to see a floral Victorian print. Oh well.

I found this in the last drawer as I peeled away the last bit of contact paper:

Someone else thought about painting the drawer and then gave up when they saw the awful brush strokes.  It is going to take a little extra work to get that off since I don’t plan on reapplying contact paper.  I want to keep the inside of the drawers au natural since they are in surprisingly good shape.  Except for the thrift store smell that is emanating from them, but I have a plan to take care of that.

We are so excited to finish this project.  I will finally have a good looking piece of furniture in the room and C will finally get a new tv.  I don’t want the bulky tv to scratch up the dresser so we agreed to get a slim flat screen.  Plus, the current tv has a constant, high pitched hum that makes me feel like I have tinnitus.

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