Pumpkins to Carriages

The closet renovation resulted in a lot of construction debris.  We’re not supposed to throw the drywall or plaster in the regular trash and the fact that we have a mini trash can also prohibits us from getting rid of the junk.  Normally it would drive me nuts to see so much trash and clutter for so long (we’re on week 7 of the closet project), but I have a secret agenda for the scrap.

Another blog I read repurposes old wood into fantastic new things like benches, headboards, shelves and planters.  I’ve been scheming to turn some of this trash into treasure.  Like a fairy god mother, I’m going to transform these pumpkins into carriages.

The hollow doors will blossom into headboards

west elm headboard

The 2x4s will bloom into a rustic bench

pottery barn benches

The door frames will burgeon into shelves

west elm shelf

Wish me luck.  I live with an evil step-mother who is constantly threatening to drive everything to the dump.

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One Response to Pumpkins to Carriages

  1. Tyson says:

    Wow those are a bunch of ambitious projects . But it should save a lot of money for all that furniture!

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