Basking in the Sunshine

*Update*  The answer to the Mystery Friday post was “airing out their pits.”  I hope you were able to figure that out.

I searched online for ways to get smells out of wood dresser drawers and got several interesting answers:

To absorb odors, leave ____ in the drawer:

  • BBQ charcoal (unused of course)
  • Crumpled newspaper
  • Baking soda

To remove odors, clean with a ____ and water mix:

  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach

All of those are relatively easy fixes, but I tried something else. I read that smells dissipate from wood if you leave them to warm in the sun for a day or two. For full disclosure, I also washed them with soap and water and finished them off with a little sanding.  Not for the odor, but because the contact paper left a sticky residue. I was hoping the soap and water would do the trick, but aged contact paper is quite a sticky situation. I smelled the drawers after I washed them, but they still smelled like a thrift store shirt. I left them to dry in the sun for a half a day. Next, I did a quick sand to get rid of the residue. I forgot to conduct a smell test in between, but they no longer have a distinct smell. I’m not sure if airing them out or removing a layer of old wood did the trick, but now they smell as good as new.

Here it is aired and sanded.

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