Chairs Part Duex

I decided to battle with the final chair to complete my duo.  I was able to cut the time in half since I already knew where I would run into problems.  The key adversaries in the fight with the curved back were my spray glue, staple gun and needle nose pliers.  The “back bones” were two thick pieces of cardboard so I used the spray glue to adhere the fabric for the back of the back and the foam to the front.  This is from when we were taking it apart, but you see the how it it constructed.

Attaching the fabric to the front was an iterative process since I had to line up the fabric with the bottom cushion and make the square edges of the foam look curved.  First, I stapled the bottom to make sure the pattern and foam were in the right place.  Next, I stapled the top.  Once that was done, I picked out the bottom staples with the needle nose pliers and added new staples below the foam.  Finally, I attached the left side and right side and redid the left side.  Sounds confusing and time consuming?  It was.  Now I understand why it is so expensive to get furniture reupholstered or restored.  Was it worth it?  Definitely, but only in retrospect.

Let me introduce you to the twinsies:

Cost breakdown for the materials:

$60 for both chairs from Craigslist

$30 for fabric

$6 for batting

$14 for the new foam backs

$0 for my time

Grand total of $55 per chair.  That price has moved me from low and dejected back to pleased as punch.  I have searched high and low, but cannot find chairs of equivalent style or quality for under $100.  I am now taking orders for chair restoration.

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3 Responses to Chairs Part Duex

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  2. Shawn says:

    I’m in where can I send my chair and ottoman for rework? A beautiful job, awesome work.

  3. ray says:

    nice work! now that’s what I call high quality chair2O.

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