Wishing Room

Rain and latex paint are not a good combo for painting something while outdoors.  Hence, I am only halfway done with the painting the dresser.  I had planned to get it in our room by Monday night, but the weather this past weekend didn’t cooperate.  That hasn’t stopped me from thinking about my next project.  I’m still deciding if I’m going to start on a headboard or the new bench I just got from Craigslist.  Here are the pieces that have inspired me.

Photoshop wouldn’t cooperate, but imagine the dresser in a dark gray color

We’re going to stack two closet doors on top of each other to make the headboard.  I already have the fabric to cover it, but I’m still thinking of a way to do the tufting.  Should I tuft or not tuft?  With buttons or no buttons?  The one in the picture is from William Sonoma Home. It is fitting since that bed looks just as hard and square as our Tempurpedic.

The fainting sofa similar to the one from Urban Outfitters will go at the foot of our bed.  It is the only thing C requested in our room.  A bench where he can put on his shoes.  He wanted a plain box ottoman so we could “store blankets and stuff”, but we have plenty of storage so I’m opting for something esthetically pleasing to me.  I bought a bench from Craigslist which reminds me of the one in the picture, but has a slightly different shape.  I want to reupholster it in blue velvet, but I’m not sure where to get it from.  My go to fabric source did not have any velvet in a similar shade.  Only navy or powder blue.  If you know of a place with great colors and prices, please let me know.

I also want new nightstands.  I could paint the ones we have, but they are about six inches lower than the bed.  And it is giving me tennis elbow every time I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock.  Which is pretty often since I snooze for about 40 minutes.  I could try to make the nightstands, but I foresee it turning into a blood fest filled with stitches.  I cringe at the thought of paying retail for them so hopefully they will go on sale or I can find a gently used pair.

C refuses to get wall to wall carpet in the room, although he insist on it for the closet.  “To keep down the dust.”  Umm, hello.  That’s why we need it for the room, too.  Oh well, we’ll spend just as much money on a rug and it won’t fill the entire room.  At least we’ll preserve the floors “for the next owners.”  I’m liking this rug from West Elm although I’m not sure if the texture will make it hard to vacuum.  My heart isn’t set on it, but it looks cool for now.

C passed by while I was editing the picture.  I told him I wanted to show him all the things I was wishing for in the room.  His only comment was, “You forgot the flat screen tv.”  Very true.  In addition to the items pictured above, imagine finishing the room off with sleek black wall mounted flat screen.  I think that is the only thing C could envision without any inspiration.

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4 Responses to Wishing Room

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  2. tracy says:

    Did you ever find your fabric? There is a discount fabric store near me. Let me know if you want me to check.

  3. Randi says:

    85% wool rug – C is allergic to wool…but love the rug!

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