Closet Progress: Part 3 of 4?

I had high hopes of reporting that the closet was 90% complete with the remaining 10% being carpet.  So far we have finished mudding and taping the walls, filled in the wood floor and painted the walls.  All that is left is to install the shelves and lay the carpet.  Not too much right?

Well, you know me.  I think that I can find a way to do everything cheaper.  So instead of buying a pre-made closet system or having someone install one, C and I are building it ourselves.  From scratch.  From sheets of 4’x8′ wood kind of scratch.  The project only took 2 weekends when I had planned it out.  We would have been on schedule, but I didn’t take into account the weather.  Which has been lovely lately with the sunny weekends.  Unfortunately, as soon as the sun sets the moisture creeps in and the paint becomes too lazy to dry.  Since we had to paint for two days instead of one, we’ll have to roll installation into another weekend.

Watch me paint as the paint continues to dry.

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One Response to Closet Progress: Part 3 of 4?

  1. Rob-Dawg says:

    Cool paint gun!

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