Clean Your Brass

This is the first polishing project of Nail, Polish & Paint.  And we like to go big around here so we decided to go with something complex for our first shiny and glossy project.  I tackled the a project with about a hundred nooks and crannies to be polished. Times six handles is six hundred nooks and crannies which is a whole lot of English muffins polishing.

We finished painting the dresser I had bought from CL, but we’ve been deciding on the finish for the handles.  Dark or light?  Shiny or flat? Colored or neutral?  Here are the contenders:

Do any of the finishes stick out?  Do you like the dark patina, copper or brass.  Shiny gold always catches my eye so I picked the brass finish.

The original handles (1) were aged with a dull patina finish.  I used Brasso to take off take most of the dark color off, but didn’t realize the Brasso would create its own coating if it wasn’t wiped off (2).  I didn’t realize this until I had already finished a few so I had to clean a few of them twice.  After they were done, they looked brand new (3).

The Brasso didn’t take the patina off as quickly as I thought it would, but maybe it is because there were so many groves.  I tried cleaning with just a plain rag, but that didn’t work too well.  What did the trick was an old toothbrush.

I worked in small sections so the Brasso wouldn’t dry and form another crusty layer.

With a few drops of Brasso and a cloth rag underneath, I started to scrub away the dirt. with a toothbrush  Scrubbing away in small circles, I imagined I was Daniel-san being lectured by Mr. Miyagi to wax on, wax off.

A few minutes later, the handle’s true colors started to shine through.  A lusterful brass started to peak through.  I brushed onto the cloth to wipe off some of the Brasso residue.  I think it helped clean faster by moving some of the dirt from Brasso/patina mixture onto the cloth.  It also keeps the toothbrush clean so it doesn’t looks so gross when you put it back in your medicine cabinet.  Obviously I’m kidding since I use a Sonicare, but it does look better when I put it back in the guest bathroom for those that forget to bring their own.

After a final polish with a clean cloth, the sparkly, brassy gold handles were complete. (1) is the before, the right half of (2) is before the final cloth wipe and (3) is the after.

I did take one final step, but it probably isn’t necessary in most brash polishing projects.  Like I said, those little nooks were hiding a lot of dirt so I did a quick buff and polish with a fine wire brush attachment we had for the drill.

It is a little shiny and gaudy, but I like.  Would you have done something more subdued or gone for the flashy brass?

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