Three Minute Stand

What do you get when you cross a candlestick holder and lonely china plate?

A three minute project.

I grabbed these goodies from Goodwill to attempt a project I saw on The Nate Berkus Show.  He had a segment on a DIY cake or cookie stand, depending on the size and type of plate you are able to find.

As the glue gun was warming up, I removed the price tag from the plate and did a quick wash and dry.  Next, I applied glue on the rim of the candlestick holder to attach it to the plate. One minute down.

The logo on the back was conveniently in the middle of the plate so I didn’t need to measure anything.  The rim of the candlestick holder would eventually land right on top of the logo.

Quickly turning over the candlestick holder, I attached it to the plate.  Apply a little pressure to ensure it makes a good seal.  I also added another ring of glue to seal any holes.  Glue gun glue dries really fast so you have to be quick.  Two minutes down.

I held it upside down by the base and shook it a few times, but the plate didn’t fall off (thankfully).  Three minutes down.

Flip it over and enjoy the view.

And that’s how you make a cookie stand in three minutes.  $3.19 for the plate and $3.49 for the candlestick holder.  $6.68 for a “vintage” stand.  The true test of how well it works will be after I bake a batch of cookies to go on top of it.  Probably oatmeal raisin since they are heavy cookies.  Anyone want to come over to help me test it out?

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2 Responses to Three Minute Stand

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  2. Tyson says:

    Nice stand! I could go for some oatmeal cookies. They are good!

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