Color Erase

The number one laundry rule is to separate dark and light colors.  I diligently follow this rule.  But (this wouldn’t be a good post if there wasn’t a ‘but’) occasionally unlike colors get mixed into the wrong pile.  Even if this does happen, it normally isn’t an issue except for one recent laundry marathon.  A gray, wool, dry-clean only sweater snuck in with some of my light colored clothes.  Let hilarity ensue.  My new cream sweater got stained with gray.  The funny thing is this was the only item that got stained.  Boo.

My first plan of attack was to wash it with Oxyclean.  Didn’t help.  Instead of sulking, I decided to dye it a darker color to cover the stains.  When I was buying a packet of dye, I noticed this little gem.

Rit color remover should be part of everyone’s laundry first aid kit.  It “removes most stains on whites that have accidentally been washed with colored items”.  It works the same way a normal Rit dye.  Put it in a big pot of hot water and stir until the color comes out.  It took about 45 minutes to get all of the stains out, but it worked.  Woo hoo!

One drawback is it turned the zipper a funny color.  Does Sharpie come in gold?

And it smells like a perm.  I had to open all of the kitchen windows to get the smell out of the house.  It took two washes to get it to smell like fresh laundry, bit it was worth the effort.

I would highly recommend the $2.50 pocket change for any accidents that happen during your laundry sessions.

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One Response to Color Erase

  1. tiffany says:

    I do believe Sharpie does come in gold. I know for a fact it comes in silver. What great timing tho, one of mike’s shirts got stained the same way….and only that one shirt. I don’t think he’s going to do the color remove tho…it was just a white undershirt teeshirt. Great tip tho!

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