Built in Closet

We’re done.  We’re done.  We’re DONE!  We finally finished the walk-in closet we started in November.  You can see progress in these posts:

1. Closet Update2. Closet Progress3 Closet Progress:  Part 3 of 4?

We finished mudding, taping and painting the walls back in January.  And then the progress stopped.  Mostly because the weather was so crappy.

we’re still figuring out what color to paint our room so the new wall is only primed

The few days of sun we had a few weeks ago motivated us to buy the sheets of wood and we got to work.  We borrowed a table saw from a friend and ripped through six 4′ x 8′ sheets of pine and birch plywood.

We pre-drilled holes with the Kreg jig so it would be easier to make the boxes for each closet cubbie.

You are probably giggling at my outfit.  This is day 2 of wood shop and we learned lots of lessons on day 1.

1.  Full coverage shoes are a must since you can drop or trip on something.  Towards the end of the day I walked into a hand saw.  Blood started gushing out of my foot since I was only wearing flip-flops.

2.  Gloves are key in preventing splinters or cuts from the rough edges of the freshly cut woods.  C lost his grip on a piece of wood and sliced his finger.

3.  Protective eye gear is needed to prevent the saw dust from floating into your eyes.  All of us got a gust of dust in our eyes at some point in the project.

4.  A white tank is essentials to any home improvement project.  It makes you feel handier.

Priming and painting was a challenge since it rained and rained for the next few days.  We moved the project into the garage and primed away.  We were lucky to get another day of sun and were able to paint the rest outside.  There was enough paint left over from the dresser project so we didn’t have to get new gallon.  The new spray gun made the painting go quickly.  More about it later.

We built the boxes in the closet when the boards were dry enough to handle.  It rained too much for them to fully dry outside.  They felt tacky and oily when moving them.  I’m not sure if it was because of the type of paint we used or if it was all of the moisture outside.

After we built the boxes, we installed the clothes poles and floor trim.  A few dabs of touch up paint and we were done.  I’m waiting a little bit to make sure the paint is completely dry before we move our clothes from the other closet.  It was hard to take pictures, but here is the closet going from left to right.

There were several moments during the installation where we thought we made a huge mistake by taking  on such a huge project as a first time shelf building experience.  Frustration was plentiful when we were putting the unsquare shelves together.  In the end, we learned a lot with this project and we (meaning C) are confident we can handle a kitchen renovation.  We (meaning me) are a little hesitant, but we’re thinking of starting it when the weather is consistently sunny.

C paid for all of the materials so this is a guestimate of the cost for this closet renovation:

$220 for wood to reframe the walls

$80 for the drywall

$150 for the lights and switch

$120 for the pocket door and frame

$60 for the mud and tape

$30 for primer for the walls and wood

$40 for the miscellaneous hardware

$200 for the wood for the shelves and trim

Grand total:  ~$900 for a walk in closet.


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5 Responses to Built in Closet

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  3. Rob-Dawg says:

    I think the real question is how much of the closet will C get…..

    It really does look great. I can’t wait to see it.

  4. Tyson says:

    The closet and the shelves look great! Congrats!

  5. beingzhenya says:

    Awesome job you guys and congrats on the finished project!

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